Saturday, March 10, 2012

You've Saved My Life

Fiorella is a hoarder of everything she's ever written, and she's tried to write down everything. Be thankful her most recent efforts have been saved to the computer because otherwise her house would be a fire trap of stored paper--journalism, poetry, personal letters, essays, short stories, a vampire romance, first chapters of unfinished novels, random notes and observations on the human condition. You name it, she's written it.

Yes, stored on her faithful Dell are a hundred or so poems and partials, four complete novels (again, with partials), carols she composed years ago when she was in her music phase, old essays and new ones, twenty-some short stories, correspondence with her friends and relatives, and every stray thought she's ever had.

But her first line of defense against the house burning down, of course, is this blog. Thank you.

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