Thursday, March 22, 2012


When it comes to untangling, Fiorella is a genius. It's a skill she's exercised since youth on tangles of cords, delicate necklace chains, embroidery threads and, when she escaped from her backyard prison last week, a thick chain wound around, under, over, and through the fence and gate. All it takes is patience, persistence, and a good eye.

Last weekend, she was left her with a snarl of ten strings of lights when she finally got around to dismantling the Christmas tree. A lesser soul might have thrown them all away and bought new ones next year, but Fio is parsimonious as well as clever so she started disentangling. She won't bore you with her tried and true techniques, but, within two hours, each string was a unit unto itself.

Fio basked in her own glory for a few minutes and pumped her mental muscle in triumph.

Let's see Big Bang's Sheldon Cooper disentangle Christmas lights!

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