Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30

March 30, crunch time. Fiorella has committed to having all Christmas decorations down and packed away in the garage by April 1, and she still has two boxes to go.
As Fio has told you, in order to clear her mind for sleep at night, she sets up interesting situations in Big Bang Theory. Like Danny DeVito being cast as Leonard's father. Or Howard's father reappearing. Or Alicia showing up again, having been mowed under by the Hollywood machine--maybe she and Raj can hit it off. Or Leslie Winkle marrying Raj and standing off his parents. Or Raj showing up married to Miss India, which actor Kunal Nayyar actually is.
Hey, before Fiorella closes up Christmas, she has to tell you something weird about Sonia Dog--she likes to carry glass ornaments around in her mouth. The only thing Fio can figure out is that she savors the smooth roundness of them.

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Indian Wedding said...

Actually Dr Raj Kootrapalli (Kunal Nayyar) did get married in real life to Neha Kapur, who is a former Miss India Beauty Queen