Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Bird

Fiorella has discovered for herself what authors have known since forever-if she gets up really early, she can get a lot more done without interruption or distraction. The dogs are crated, Husband and Son are asleep, there are no noisy household gadgets running, and no phone calls. Yesterday she cleared her docket of a couple of list's worth of chores, correspondence, and bill-paying by 11:00 so she could dedicate the afternoon to revisions of Princess of Bosque Bend.

It happened by accident. A communication glitch between Fio's PCP and her pharmacy meant her Lyrica prescription went unfilled. She figured she was tired enough that she didn't need it, but ho-ho--that was one on ol' Fiorella! She woke up hurting about 4:00 and had to take a hydrocodone, then realized she'd slept just enough that it wouldn't do her any good to go back to bed. Besides, hydrocodone peps her up. Since sleep was a lost cause, she decided to put this "found time" to good use.

Obviously, this isn't something Fio can do every day without getting to bed a lot earlier than her customary 11:00. But maybe if she watched the 6:30 Big Bang Theory instead of the 10:30 one, and if she gave up bathing, it would work.

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