Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now the Bad News

Husband and Son are at work so Fio is taking care of Son's adolescent pug and her own mastiff puppy. She's also trying to ramp up The Princess of Bosque Bend as per the prospective agent's request.

At this very moment, Sonya is deigning to finish off the rest of her breakfast, but only because Mommy dumped the remains of her cereal milk on it, while Bosco is whining at the top of the stairs, where he's sought sanctuary from Sonya, who's now bigger than he is and herds him around like he's a sheep. When the two of them are together, they run around the den like--well, wild dogs--yelping, tussling, and occasionally leaping onto Fio's open laptop. But when Fio separates them, they howl and scratch at doors.

This has gotta change. When Husband and Son come home tonight, we're establishing a dog-sitting protocol and procedure that will (1) establish which dog is fed when and by whom, (2) give Fio some peace so she can write, and (3) allow her to change out of her bathrobe before noon.

Rotsa ruck.

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