Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sonya Snippets

Vinyl bones, tennis balls, squeaky dragons--they just don't cut it. Sonya's into electronics, or to be more exact, cords, or, to be even more exact, Fio's laptop power cord. Yeah, she's a Steve Jobs kinda gal.
Sonya's discovered Wendy's favorite sunbeam, the one that slants through the patio doors onto a small throw rug which is placed just right for a tired doggie to lounge on. She's also discovered the puppy in the mirror, the long mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. But no matter how much she cavorts or cajoles, it won't play with her.
Husband takes Sonya into bed with him at night while Fiorella enjoys her habitual half-hour soporific soak. They tried crating Baby before Fio's bath, but Sonya yelped so much that Husband couldn't sleep. And when Fio tried keeping Puppy with her in the bathroom while she wallowed in the tub, Sonya, who's barely Beagle size now, seemed to be frightened by Mommy's head being the only part of her she could see. But putting Little One to sleep with Daddy worked out just fine.

The transfer from bed to crate is a little dicey, though.

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