Saturday, February 11, 2012

Houston, Here I Come!

Today's the day. Local Son is chauffeuring your Fiorella to Houston this morning for the West Houston Romance Writers of America awards luncheon. Two of her manuscripts, Princess of Bosque Bend and Princess Redlander, are in the finals of the WHRWA contest, The Emily, apparently tied with each other.

The Emily is a top contest, and Fiorella, who has entered it for three years running, is thrilled that she's at last made the cut, maybe because this year she switched categories. Up to now, Fio has always entered Single Title, a category in which she's done well in other chapter's contests, but this year she entered Mainstream with Romantic Elements, a category which she'd started suspecting is more appropriate to her rather gritty, spare-no-punches style.

Apparently she was right.

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