Saturday, February 18, 2012


Fiorella forgot to tell you what happened after she left Dr. Ma's office Wednesday morning. She was so elated--maybe so high on amoxicillin--that she missed her turn going home by five exits, which was important because she was driving on empty. After getting turned around, she pulled into the first service station, hurriedly switching off the car and filling the tank--did you know a Miata can swallow twelve gallons in one thirsty gulp?

Then, mindful that she was an hour later than she had told Husband to expect her, she hopped into the car. But it wouldn't start, and the steering wheel was stuck--Fio had not returned the wheel to its normal position when she parked the car to gas up and it was locked up tight. This had happened to her once before, but she couldn't remember how to fix it.

But one call to Hijo Menor later and she was on her way. And in case you ever get caught in that situation and do not have a son to call, she'll outline the appropriate procedure:

1) Hit the wheel with your fists to loosen it a little
2) Put the key in the ignition
3) Turn the key with one hand while turning the wheel with the other
4) BINGO--you're on your way


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