Monday, February 20, 2012

Day by Day

Sonya's having some problems adjusting to the family routine, partially because Daddy's been home sick all week and everyone's been sleeping late, partially because Mommy's hip has given out again and she's not been too agile lately, all of which resulted in Sonya's housebreaking going down the tubes (pun intended). Husband even had to give her crate a deep clean yesterday.

But today is a new day. Sonya let us sleep till 7:30, awoke Mommy with a couple of sharp yips, and, without a leash, trotted down the stairs behind her. Mommy hobbled over as quickly as she could to open the back door, but Sonya was quicker on the carpet. "NO," Fio thundered. Sonya stopped in mid-dribble as Mommy grabbed her by the harness and directed her out to finish in the yard.

Mommy was somewhat suspicious when she let Sonya back in, and rightly so--ten minutes later, Baby started to squat again, but on the concrete floor this time, a sure sign of what was to come. Fio hustled her outside again. After a little dithering between the yard and the stepping stones, which Sonya's puppy feet identified as concrete, she deposited in the yard.

Hooray for Sonya, who's learning. And hooray for Mommy, who, still in her nightgown, is sitting on the couch writing this blog with sweet Sonya sleeping by her side.

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