Monday, February 27, 2012

Comparing Dogs

Happiness is having a sweet puppy sleeping next to you on the couch.

Sonya is a very affectionate dog, just like Wendy, but she and her spiritual mother differ in other ways. Wendy caught on to housebreaking almost overnight, but Sonya is...uh...laggard. Wendy was a mover and shaker. The greyhound in her insisted she make a break for freedom at every opportunity, racing through the woods and hallooing her joy in a deep, resounding voice, before she returned to her beloved daddy. In contrast, Sonja follows Husband around the yard without a leash, and her only vocalizations so far have been high-pitched puppy yips.

One surprising difference is that Wendy always gobbled down her food as if it was the last kibble left on earth, while Sonya isn't the least interested in the uber-healthy dry food recommended by the vet unless Fio laces it with a tablespoonful of canned dog food. (And this dog is supposed to weigh in at over 120 lbs as an adult?)

Yes, Sonya is different from Wendy, but Fiorella wanted it that way. It would have been easy to get another Weimer, but wrong. No dog could compete with Wendy, and Fio didn't want to tear up every time she looked at the substitute. Sonya is a different breed, new and wonderful. We love her for herself.

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