Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Puppy Hunt

Fio and Husband are on the dog hunt again. They've decided on a mastiff because it's a large dog, has a good temperament, and its appearance will not remind them of any previous dogs, especially Wendy the Weimer. They would prefer a one-year-old female--old enough to be thoroughly housebroken, but young enough that Fio and Husband could enjoy a fair number of years with this notoriously short-lived breed. Unfortunately for Fio et al, rescue mastiffs are not only few and far between, but have been so terribly abused as to need lengthy medical treatments before they can be released for adoption.

So now begins the great puppy hunt. Yes, Fiorella and Husband are gearing up for the crate by the bed, the midnight forays into the backyard to maintain the housebreaking, and the gnawing on anything that is remotely gnawable.

But it's worth it.

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