Thursday, March 3, 2011

Up and At'em

It started when Fio decided to actually DO something about that pile of cedar that had been sitting in the north yard for almost a year. She told you the story--within a week it was gone.

Inspired by accomplishment, she gutted up and sent in a query to Jessica Faust,and you know that story too. What you don't know is that once the package hit the ether, she picked up the phone and made an appointment for that ultrasound that had been hanging over her. Another phone call set up a consultation about a lower eyelid lift. Then she searched the internet for a local auto window tinter. Today she'll send off a query to literary agent Liza Dawson.

She'll also re-read chapters 4-8 of one of her own manuscripts for editing and score at least one of the manuscripts she is judging for a writing contest. Practicing piano and hauling rocks out of the creek for lining the driveway are also on her list. And maybe chainsawing more cedars.

Fio, some days I love you.

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To Alemap said...

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