Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sorry to be posting late today, but Fio's Lenovo is being shipped off to Arlington for repair--again--and the new Dell is still at Click being stuffed full of all my data . . . she hopes. The process may not be finished until MONDAY.

Fio is going crazy. She's anxious about the transfer, but she's out of her mind about not having a laptop at her beck and call. Yes. Fio is having withdrawal symptoms from her drug of choice, the computer. She's got so much hanging fire right now. She needs to finish up the taxes which are stored on the computer, to have email access for possible communications from those three agents who've requested mss, and to learn her final placement in Great Expectations. She needs to be able note down all her new brilliant ideas for her works in progress in their back story files. She needs to check out Lindsay Lohan's latest escapades and what's going on with that new fat-freezing technique.

Ah, you say, but Fio, you're writing on a computer as of this moment. Yes, but it's Husband's machine. Merely methadone. Fio wants her own crack, the real thing. Give me back my laptop. NOW!

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