Thursday, March 10, 2011

Literary Eyes

The eyes are windows of the souls, they say, but let's not give them super powers.

Fio is judging a contest again, and the manuscript she's currently looking at has the eyepower revved up high. In one brief glance as she's falling off her horse, the heroine notices the hero has green eyes that sparkle with flecks of gold when he's angry. And from twenty yards away, the hero has already discerned the innocence of said lady's soft blue orbs. All of which recalls to Fio's mind the saleswoman who walked up to her in a clothing store and, close enough to spit on, said how well purple would go with Fio's dark eyes.

Fiorella's eyes are so pale the ophthamalogist had to double lase them when he treated her for glaucoma.

*PS: Ms somewhat disguised to protect the guilty

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Gary said...

On the other hand, if she had tumbled backward, rolling off the horse as I did once, she probably could have given a very detailed description of the horse’s ass. I know I could, but I probably would save it for the description of a not-so-hero.