Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ba-a-a Works

Fiorella couldn't fall asleep last night, and with good reason. Checking her email just before she went to bed, she discovered a third literary agent had sent her a request for a partial. Fio was thrilled, of course, especially since the agent had replied within hours after receiving Fio's query.

Fio went to bed a very happy girl, but that adrenaline kept a-pumpin' and she couldn't sleep. She got up and watched TV till midnight, then took a wallow bath, then read a little, but nothing worked. Finally, when she went back to bed for the fourth time, she decided to try counting sheep. Now, Fio being Fio, those woolies didn't all jump over the fence. Some somersaulted, some vaulted, a few stumbled, but Fio counted every one of them as long as she could.


1 comment:

Gary said...

Counting sheep doesn’t work for me. There are always more black sheep than white. So I end up staying awake wondering is this a subliminal reflection of my past, or a look into the future?