Thursday, July 16, 2009

Survival 2009

Last week was interesting. In addition to Husband's car going out the day after he got it back from the garage, Fio's car going out on the way home from picking him up from where he was stranded (thirty miles away), temperatures averaging over 100 degrees for three weeks straight, and Husband getting stung twice by wasps sneaking into the house via the uncaulked corners of the attic, the word went out to the neighborhood to boil all drinking water.

Yes, there'd been a break in a pipe three streets over and we were instructed to boil all water for drinking, cooking, or ice cubes (which sort of vitiated their purpose).

How odd to realize one would be safer brushing one's teeth with urine rather than tap water.

Fortunately, we were well-stocked with Ozarka.

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