Saturday, July 11, 2009


In case, you're wondering--or even if you're not--Fiorella usually works several days ahead as the inspiration strikes her. Right now she's writing this revelation July 8 and will schedule it for July 11. Posting has been lagging late in the past couple of weeks so when the designated date rolls around, she'll wrestle with Blogspot to pop this entry onto the website in a timely manner.

Where does Fio get her ideas, you ask. From everything that is happening around her and to her. Fio is a magnet of weird events--and the causative agent of even more. And if nothing is going on, she has a treasure trove of trivia and topics (Fio adores alliteration) stored out of sight in her blog warehouse to call upon.

Yes, Fiorella will keep a-comin'--just like spam.

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