Monday, July 13, 2009


Fiorella is fascinated by the spectacle of Lance Armstrong once again hitting the cycling circuit, and he seems to be coming up fast in the Tour de France.

As everyone knows, after our hometown hero retired, he divorced his wife and kids (the same woman who was steadfast and supportive during his bout with testicular cancer) and hit the local wildlife scene with pals like Matthew McConaughey, dating big name cuties like Sheryl Crow and trying to hit up local cuties, like Fio's daughter.

After a couple of years, Fio figures the playboy life began to dull--and he missed the headlines. So it was back to the bicycle again.

He may win the Tour de France or he may not. But Fio thinks whatever happens, he loses: if he loses, he loses--and if he wins, so what? Been there, done that.

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