Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holiday Theme

Fiorella hauled down her carol book, turned on the piano, and started practicing for the big day when the whole family will gather around and join in the chorus--not that it will ever happen. When she was a kid, her family would often sing carols, but Husband and children vetoed the idea. Husband is a music devotee--but as a listener, not a performer--and the kids followed suit, even though all three of them have good voices. Daughter even took lessons for a couple of years and later was declared the best female kareoke singer in Austin, but as far as Fio knows, she doesn't even sing in the shower now. Of course, in the oldern days, we all got to exercise our lungs every Sunday in church, but no one, including Fiorella, goes to church anymore.
 The weather's getting a little colder, and there's a rumor of snow later in the season. Fio will  believe it when she sees it.
Christmas is a time for celebrating friendships and Fiorella had a great time visiting with friend Suzy MM at Starbucks yesterday afternoon. She will also be contacting friend Dorothy, whom she sees a couple of times a year. No friends like old friends.

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