Sunday, December 30, 2018

Chapter Two

Fiorella's euphoria didn't last.  In the later afternoon, she checked in on Husband again and didn't like the way he was breathing so she took his termperature--100.6. It sounded like pneumonia to her so she bullied him into the car and drove him to the ER as the evening deepened. After getting him settled,she drove home before it was too dark for her to drive at all.

A nurse called later to confirm that, yes, Husband did have pneumonia, but this time, the hospital had decided to investigate further and scheduled him for a bronchoscopy the next day.

Fast forward to today, the day of the surgery. Fio felt drained last night after coming home from the ER, and by the morning, she was even weaker. Daughter y su novio visiting helped for a while,  but Fio was definitely not herself. She couldn't think or remember. She couldn't find things. Her balance was off, she was soooo tired, and she needed to check on Husband, but before she could call the hospital, he called her to report in. Fio was relieved that he sounded like a new man, although no one will know the outcome of the broncoscopy and biopsies until tomorrow. Meanwhile, Husband was in quarantine so he wasn't inviting anyone to visit, which was a good thing because Fiorella was too tired to move. If the maid hadn't been there for the afternoon, Fio might have fallen into the fireplace. As it was, she fell asleep on the couch.

Now that Fio and Sonia Dog are all alone in the house, Fiorella feels like she's thrown off whatever was dragging her down--worry about Husband, a pinch of whatever he has, post-Christmas blues, who knows. Let's hope she can feel the same way tomorrow.

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