Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Decoration Art

Fiorella suddenly realized that the reason Christmas decorations are so important to her is that she sees them as art. Thus, she is only too happy to turn the hanging of the multi-colored lights on the twenty-year-old tree over to Husband, but will balk at anyone but herself hanging the multiple swags and decorating them. She also covers all available surfaces with set-ups and every available wall with decorated wreaths. The staircase, doors, and windows get decorated too, and you know what she's been doing along the driveway.

The worst part of it is that she's a perfectionist and will arrange and rearrange her creations until everything suits her artist's eye. The best part is the glow of fulfillment.

But Fiorella, Christmas decorations can't last forever. Does it make you sad you when they have to come down?

Not really.  The decorations are cheap and fragile so eventually their magic dims and I have to pack them away and load their bags and boxes onto the shelves in the garage. But there's always next year.🎄

She hopes.

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