Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Tidings, 2013

This is Fiorella's Christmas card greeting from 2013. See if you can figure out what is being said.🙂🙂🙂


My schedule is too tight--I don't have time
Each Christmastide to to sound and count and beat
Reciting every year a well-turned rhyme
Replete with inspiration, form, and feet.
You know, of course, the truth of what I say--
Commitments ring me 'round like tinsel chain
Hung on a Christmas tree, and hour and day
Run faster than the current of my brain.
In truth, I'd rather have the time to write
Some gracious greeting, giving you my best,
To wish you joy, good health, your heart's delight--
My love to you and may your year be blessed.
     As I've explained, my time is much too tight
     So read top down, far left, to read me right.

Of course, being a serial critiquer, I'd now revise the next-to-the-last line to
"But as explained, my time is much too tight."

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