Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sonia, the Brainiac

Sonja Dog loves to go on rides with Mommy and Daddy, but with Daddy's car being on the clink, Daddy himself being in and out of rehab, and Mommy whipping around town in her two-seater Miata, there hasn't been any way for her to travel in style lately. So when Mommy want back to the house to pick up her forgotten purse after dropping Daddy off at his doctor's office, Sonia pushed her way past Mum to get into the garage, circled Daddy's four-door, then settled down beside it like a sphinx and looked at Mommy inquiringly--when are you going to open my car door so I can get in and you can drive me off to Dairy Queen for a Puppy Cup?

There was no way to lure Sonia back into the house. Doggie knew her rights.

After about ten minutes of frustration, Fiorella came up with a diabolical plan. She knew that as long as she stayed next to the kitchen door, ready to close it as soon as Sonia came inside, Sonia wouldn't budge. But the clock, it was a-tickin', and Fio had to get back to the doctor's office to pick Daddy up, so she unlocked the front door, then ran back through the house to the kitchen door and strrolled out onto the driveway as if she were going on a walk. Sonia hefted herself up from the grage floor and came outside too, making herself comfortable on the concrete.

It was now or never. Knowing Sonia did not like to stay out of the house alone, Fiorella activiated the garage control, closing Sonia outside, then walked around the house and in the front door, sat down in a chair, and waited. Within five minutes, Sonia ambled up on the porch and yelped to be let in. Once Her Majesty had been captured, Fio ran to the kitchen door, car keys in hand, slammed the door shut, and took off to fulfill her chaufeur duties.

If Sonia Dog is any measure, Mastiffs are a lot smarter than they're cracked up to be, but Fiorella won the day. This time, at least.

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