Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Fiorella is a caged lion, and she doesn't like it. Ther land line is down through at least Wednesday, which means she can't call the septic people to ask about the immovable cap, the window blinds shop to come fix a shade that won't go down, Mazda to see if they think Baby Car can make it to Fio's high school reunion, the woman who has Husband's grass lease in Colorado but hasn's sent the check, or her children to see how they're doing. She can sorta text her daughter, but that doesn't help any of the above.

Her next step is to drive over to Verizon and ask one of their ladies how to use the telephone on her iPhone. Also how to move her pictures onto FB. But first, she has to pick up groceries as H-E-B, get Shredded Wheat and a new water bottle at Target, buy a boxwood to replace the one the deer ate, check on zoysia fertilizer, and stop by the optomatrist to get the lenses secured AGAIN.

Put all this on top of Kavanaugh (GRRR!)and not being able to solve two of the anagrams in the newspaper this morning, and you have a Fiorella who's roaring. snarling, and looking for a good fight.

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