Tuesday, October 23, 2018

From the Earth-shaking to the Mundane

Fiorella has a theory about the death-by-dismemberment thing. The thinks Prince Mohammed bin Salman, so handsome and charming, actually WANTED the grisly details of Khashoggi's death to get out as a warning to journalists, dissidents, and potential enemies.
Fio also thinks Trump would like to do the same thing here, starting with Diane Feinstein.
Apparently, most of the immigrants heading toward Mexico and the US are from Honduras. We need to find out what the situation is there--famine, poor government, whatever it is that is driving them to leave their homeland for an unknown future. And the US needs stay aware of what's going on in the countries to the south of us and maybe stick a hand in every now and then. These countries have the resources to support their populace if they want to.
Having older son on the scene has helped Fiorella a lot in her dealings with the world of electronics, but he doesn't know how to post a pic on a blo. Maybe younger son, who's visitng later today will know. Or his wife will know. Or his sister, who's also coming a long. Or his toddler, who looks absolutely brilliant to me.

Fio had a great time this afternoon prowling the east woods for dead branches the storms had knocked onto the ground. She's gathered three piles already, and she really hasn't gone that far back on the property. Yes, lugging branches to the woodpilein front of the house is Fiorella's idea of fun.
It looks like the hot water situation is finally solved. Pray for Fio's heating systerm.

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