Sunday, November 5, 2017

Woman in Action

As those of you who follow Fio's alter ego on Facebook know, she doesn't hold back. Emotions boil up within her, and she spews out the words like a vocano blowing its top. But please note--those words are original. So is everything else Fio posts on Facebook and on this blog. It's always been that way. She writes her own accolades, poems, diatribes, and snide remarks. She writes her own books. She's even written a children's opera and composed songs. and in addtions, she paints and draws her own pictures, decorates her own house, and used to sew her own clothes (well, some of them). Yes, Fio is a driven woman, and sometimes it's hard for her to live with herself. But being who she is, it's even harder for her to NOT be herself.

So just pat her head, say "Good Doggie," and throw that woman a bone.

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