Wednesday, November 8, 2017

TV and Me

Another good TV show bites the dust, at least as far as Fiorella is concerned. Lucifer is no longer funny, just screechy and stupid, so she's no longer watching it, just like she is no longer watching The Little Couple because in the years between when the old show went off the air and the new one debuted, Bill and Jen became so entitled that Fio doesn't care about them anymore. The only shows she's watching now are Big Bang Theory, which, even after ten years, is still amazingly fresh, funny, and human, her telenovela, the first fifteen minutes of Colbert, and an occasional 600-Pound Life.

It may be that Fio's simply bored with television. After all, she's been sitting in front of the boob tube sine she was four. In fact, her college years were the only time she was away from TV.

On the other hand, maybe it's just that Fio has finally grown up. Fiorella? Grown up? Never!

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