Thursday, November 30, 2017

Meetin' Up with Beatriz

Forella scheduled for brunch with friend Evelyn, lunch with friend Paula, and dessert with friend Beatriz, then suddenly realized that all of them, like Fio, hold doctorates and are writers. In fact, the same is true of friends Jan, Janece, and Patricia.  Like attracts like.

Unfortunately, Paula had to cancel, which left Fio with an hour to kill before she met with Beatriz, an hour which Fiorella planned to use working on her current story. But instead, she started reading through one of her own books, which she'd tucked in her tote to give to Beatriz. To her surprise, she liked it. Maybe she should read more of her own stuff.

Beatriz writes mysteries, and Fio writes romances. Both genres deal with secrets, and both of them have happy endings--the mystery is solved, and romance overcomes all--which are total fiction. because, as we well know, not all enigmas are explainable, and love is not always enough to save the day. But Fio hopes our stories will inspire people to try.

If you're wondering about fio's spanish langauge romantic comedy-drams telenovela, the matriarch, Idelma, is in the hospital agin, one of ther sons is tryng to take over the family from her anhas fought of death one ore time, but one of her son's Tulio, got her to sign something villainothe main characters, company vice-president Julieta and Dr. Robert/Juan Pablo, are back together, and she is working with a specialist to try to get pregnant again. Meanwhile, his older sister, Marisol, whose husband divorced her for a slutty blonde, is getting very chummy with Xavier, played by a popular Mexican  cantador. And Fiorella's favorites,  tomboy Daniela and filthy rich Gabriel are engaged, but his family has disowend him. Then there's Linda, Robert/Juan Pablo's, youngest sister, who has just discovered the the love of her life, Bruno, is the brother of Julieta, whom she hates. And has Fio mentioned that Robert/Juan Pablo's parents, Blancoand Euegenio are at odds? And that Julieta is trying to reconcile her mother and father?

And Robert/Juan Pablo's family all live together in a a middle-class apartment.  hey all live withn there's the family of Audifax's, family

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