Friday, November 17, 2017

Alone in the Silence

Fiorella is on a writing binge, which means she's in hog heaven. Not only is she moving along on Phillipa's story, but she's pulled some of her old short-shorts out of storage--you've already read a couple of them--and is dusting them up for possible publication. And in the back of her mind, Marisol and Tony's story is taking shape. Then there are the completed--and prize-winning--romances she's still got in her Documents file. The only thing that could make her happier than she is right now is if  a fabulous poem popped out of her ever-fertile brain.

What has caused this literary avalanche, you ask? Well, probably that Fio has set aside defined time slots for herself when she goes upstairs to the attic room, where nothing is going on and she can't hear the television. Yes, your hyper-social Fio needs privacy when she writes. It's inspirational.

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