Monday, November 27, 2017

Espanol--Libros, Vocabulario, y Motivacion

Fio has decided to dedicate una hora al dia (one hour a day), aside from su lunes-a-viernes telenovela (her Monday-through-Friday soap opera), to studying dos libros especiales (two special books): Spanish in Ten Minutes a Day and an old textbook, Espanol a lo Vivo (Spanish Live). She'll never be fluent, pero ella quiere entender (but she wants to understand) what los personajes en su telenovela (the characters in her soap opera) are saying.

For a couple of days there, Fio was trying to find out what "opa," la palabra que lo Juan Pablo y Julieta (the word which John Paul and Julieta), the romantic leads in Mi Marido Tiende Familia (My Husband Has Family), were tenderly calling each other but "opa" wasn't in su diccionario (her dictionary), and her Spanish-speaking friends on FB couldn't figure it out either. But friend Raquel did--la palabra (the word), which Fio had heard through English orejas (ears), was compa (pal, buddy). Apparently it's a recent slang term derived from companero (companion).

Pero (but) why didn't Fio, who is a language person, take el espanol when she was in escuela secundaria (high school), you ask. Porque (because) Fio was following in the footsteps of su madre (her mother), who had taken Latin when she herself was in escuela secundaria (high school). Also because Latin was considered more challenging back then, and your Fio has always been up to un desafio bueno (a good challenge).

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