Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Reality and Fiction

Fiorella couldn't believe it, but she, who doesn't watch much television, had to make a hard decision last night--whether to watch her telenovela or the first show of the season of Lucifer, which were both running at 8:00, after another one of her favorites, Big Bang Theory. She ended up opting for Lucifer because it would only be on once a week while her telenovela would be on every night, but she still resented having to make a choice.

But Big Bang, Lucifer, Mi Marido Tiene Familia--all three of them ran second fiddle to how she felt about what had happened in Las Vegas. A pall of sorrow followed her all day yesterday, and even though she ended up watching the second half of her telenovela because Lucifer was just a half-hour teaser, it didn't matter because none of the shows really grabbed her. How could they? She was numb. Just like everyone else in the country was.

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