Monday, October 23, 2017

Episode of Enlightenment

Fiorella dropped by the supermarket to pick up Halloween goodies yesterday afternoon, and apparently everyone else in town had the same idea because H-E-B was crowded to the gills. We were all rushing to and fro like frenzied ants, but suddenly, Fio stopped and looked around. This was a store full of people, real live people, not an ant pile, and each person was his own indivdual--and Fiorella immediately wanted to connect with every one of them . She wanted to introduce herself to them, to shake hands all around and exchange life stories, to admire their children, share their sorrows, congratulate them on their victories, and encourage their dreams.

Not that Fio did any of this--you'd be reading about her being hauled off by the cops if she had--but it was a wonderful episode of enlightment. For several blissful moments, she was as one with every single person in  the store.

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