Friday, September 22, 2017

Washington Update According to Fio

Fiorella is gleeful that her prediction about Sean Spicer has come true, that no matter how much he laughs at himself and admits he was lying the whole time he was Trump's mouthpiece, he can't get a broadcasting job.  Does he really expect kiss-and-make-up from a news world he berated and betrayed?

Meanwhile John Kelly looks like a man about to throw up every time Trump speaks on camera, and the other Kelly, Kellyanne Conway, is still in the White House basement, where most of us hope she stays.

Interesting that those anti-Hillary ads on Facebook are being traced back to Russia. During the election, Fiorella kept inquiring about where the heck the pcture-posts were coming from, but she opined they were being run off in some Trumpster's basement. Never guessed the source was a Kremlin boiler room.

But meanwhile, Trump sails on. 😨😨😨

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