Wednesday, August 9, 2017

United Airlines Can't Get Its Act Together

Another United Airlines story from one of Fiorella's friends:
This morning Simba Dog and I arrived at United Cargo Petsafe to begin our trip to Lake Tahoe. The cargo manager looked at my crate and my dog and told me that the regional airline scheduled to fly us to our first stop was too small to hold Simba's crate. Further, there were no flights available that day that would hold his crate. (Note: I had made this reservation in March and given the dimensions of the crate to the Petsafe people at the time.)

Then, talking to United reservations and trying to get a flight that could hold Simba, I found out that my return reservation--that I had just had to reschedule three days earlier because United changed its arrival time back in Austin -- wouldn't hold his crate, either!

But there's more: the original cargo manager reported to his management that Simba was full grown German Shepard who was too large for his crate. (Uh, he's a Belgian Tervuren and you didn't even see him in his crate, nor did you take measurements.)

So, after months of planning, hours of scheduling airline, cabin, car, horse care, dog boarding ... it's t*ts up.

Thanks United. Fly the f'-ing Friendly Skies.

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