Monday, August 7, 2017

Palace Theater Review, Rock of Ages

Fiorella and her party left the Georgetown Palace Theater's production of Rock of Ages between acts. The auditorium was too warm, the music was too loud, and the show was too frenetic, disjointed, and stupid. It was even worse than Tarzen of the Apes, a depth Fio never thought could be reached.

It was obvious that a lot of work had gone into the production. Choreographer Jessee Smart had her dancers doing deep plies every time they turned around, and everyone was singing his heart out. The band was great, especially the guitarist. But the show itself was more silly than funny and more trashy than cool. The characters were weak stereotypes--the guy trying to make it in show biz, the girl trying to make it in showbiz, the oafish star, the pompous 1930's villain with the German (?) accent, who was trying to shut down the rock club.

Maybe Fiorella's review of the show was affected by the fact that she and her party were seated nearer to the stage than usual, or that she was pretty much engaged with job and family during the show's time period and thus missed all the clever references everyone else was picking upon. But the audience reaction was not overwhelming--except for the front row and a line-up of older women behind Fiorella who cackled like demented hens.

Whatever, Fio was, like Queen Victoria, not impressed.

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