Saturday, August 19, 2017

Catching Up With Laura and Ryan.

And in the fast-moving world of Telenovela, Laura, five months pregnant, left her bodyguard at the door and confronted Estela (the real Estela, not the Estela whose identity Laura had bought when she fled to the United States) about Ryan, Laura's husband whom Estela (who is actually his half-sister) had briefly seduced. Estela, true to form (she's a drug lord called El Dorado and has taken out a fair number of people herself and ordered others killed), physically attacked Laura, and now the fate of Ryan and Luara's bebe is in peril. But although Laura doesn't know it, the father of su bebe might be Danilo, Ryan's half-brother, who knocked her out with a horse anesthetic a couple of months back and raped her.

Los actores must dissolve into giggles every time they get a new script.

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