Sunday, March 3, 2013


Looking through the latest edition of Smithsonian, Fiorella realized that the t-shirt has taken over the world.

When Fio was a little tyke, girls wore blouses and guys wore button shirts.  A t-shirt was what Dad wore under his button shirt for a reason nobody can seem to remember or what Marlon Brando plastered on himself in most of his movies to show off his pecs.  Then came the unisex movement and everyone donned t-shirts and jeans, both of which have stayed around in various incarnations ever since.

Which brings Fio back to her original claim, that t-shirts have taken over the world.  Yes, from pole to pole, horizon to horizon, t-shirts are standard wear, even by, according to the Smithsonian photos, previously uncontacted tribes in South America. 

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