Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mental Overload

Fiorella has too many tentacles reaching out in too many different directions.  For instance, she's been listing thing lately, like the five places she's lived, like the names of her best friends and how she met them--toting up, so to speak.  She's also planning a blog about why she would never write a Fifty Shades of Grey-type book. And she's contemplating how integral decoration is to mankind.  Thank about it. We decorate our big rigs with colorful advertisements.  We decorate out buildings with graffiti.  We doodle on notepads.  We decorate ourselves with clothes and jewelry and make-up.  We're like ravens, always with an eye out for the next shiny stone, and Fio thinks it's born in.

Is sampling off the ever-fertile brain of Fiorella a bit too much for you?  Well, just think of what it's like for Fiorella!

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