Friday, March 22, 2013

Another of Fio's Superpowers

According to the Wall Street Journal, your Fiorella is not a fussy eater--she's a supertaster, and the girl can't help it.  It's genetic.

Not that either of her parents had this trait.  Indeed, her father ate everything except fish--Fio thinks his forbearance was because he didn't trust the slippery rascals, having grown up in a town built on a  river that had been poisoned by the paper mill upstream--and her mother had a few foibles such as not liking milk, but adored dark green vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, which Fio cannot stomach.  Mother tried to entice Fiorella to chomp down on the Belgian vegetable by calling it a little cabbage, totally counter-productive because Fiorella also found cabbage too bitter.  In case you ever invite your correspondent to dinner, remember that her only acceptable veggies are potatoes, cooked or raw, and carrots, celery, and lettuce--all raw. 

On the other hand, being a supertaster has saved Fiorella from  tooth-rotting super-sweet concoctions, most alcohols, and yucky, high-calorie dressings. Her teeth are in great shape, she doesn't have diabetes, and, as she's told you before, she's young, slender, and beautiful.

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