Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fiorella's Record

Fiorella isn't fond of Facebook.  She's sick and tired of the egotism--as if anyone is interested in reading about the minutia of other people's lives. Oops, wait a minute--isn't that what Fiorella writes about daily on her blog--the minutia of her own life?

And speaking of Fiorella's blog, she has been exploring that list she told you about, the one that gave her access to "comments," and she's discovered information on her viewing statistics. In case you've wondered, seventy-two viewed yesterday's  blog, sixty-three people viewed Thursday's, and ninety-one viewed Wednesday's.  Last month she had 1,975 "pageviews," and her all-time total is 31,968. Actually, she usually averages only about eight viewers per day, but she consoles herself that several people, including Husband, check her out just once a week. 

She also discovered that she's had readers 'round the word: 183 in the US, thirty-three in Germany, twenty-six in the UK (thank you, Suzy G.), five in France, four in Latvia, two in China, one in Canada, and one in the Czech Republic.  Fio can only speculate that English students in Germany, France, Latvia. China, and the Czech Republic are using her blog to practice their English reading skill.

All in all, not bad for someone who doesn't advertise.

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