Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dwarf News (Revised)

Fiorella forgot to mention that she caught up with the Roloffs the other night.  Amy and Zack were on an expedition to climb Mt. St. Helens while Matt was having a little red schoolhouse built for the  Western town display at the Roloff farm.  Jacob only appeared briefly, and Jeremy and Molly were nowhere to be seen.

Too bad.  Matt, Amy, and Zachary (who practically ran up the mountain), were not enough to carry  a one-hour show.  Fiorella understands that climbing a mountain is tough, especially for a fifty-year-old female dwarf, but grunting gets boring after a while, and switching back and forth between the mountain climb and the construction of the schoolhouse didn't relieve the tedium.  There was no real conflict--we knew Amy would reach the top, and we knew the schoolhouse would get built in time. In romance writer speak, the show had a sagging middle. 

Especially dreary was Matt's constant prattle about how he was trying to please his wife with a surprise.  Number one, he's used that line before to justify whatever he wants to do. Number two, it sounded like he was trying to soften the egomaniac image we all have of him. Amy also tried to polish up the family, casually mentioning that she has three kids in college now.  Since Molly always took the academic high road, that must mean that Jeremy and Zack have finally gotten their heads together.  Fio is happy for them, but she would have preferred a show with the old drama.

On to other dwarf news, Friend Paula told Fio that she's read that Jen and Bill have adopted a dwarf baby, just as Fio hoped.  No sagging middle there.

Note to readers to rise early:  This blog has been revised from an earlier version that was, unfortunately, edited last night when Fiorella's brain was fried.


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