Monday, February 28, 2011

A Good TV Show!

Fio's discovered a TV show worth watching, or, rather, Husband did, and Fio converted immediately. It's called Being Human, and its main characters are a vampire, a ghost, and a pair of werewolves.

Now, it's British, which means you have to listen closely because of the various sub-dialects involved, but the story lines Fio's seen so far kept her watching the entire hour and fifteen minutes. And she likes the set-up: non-human characters trying to protect themselves and make it in a human world. (Of course she likes it--that was the premise of her never-published vampire novel.)

One thing that Fio really likes is that it is the characters, not the special effects, that are the stars of the show. In fact, the minimal special effects it does have mainly involve dark lighting and quick camera cuts. In other words, the show depends on good acting rather than a bunch of guys at a computer screen in the back room.

Being Human. Try it. You'll like it.

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