Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping Up

Fiorella admits it--she's a listmaker. It's compulsive.

The listmaking started when she was in junior high and forgot a homework assignment. From then on she wrote everything down. Now her lists include not just what she MUST do day by day, but ideas of what she wants to do in the future. And, one by one, the things actually do get done.

How else do you think she's written this blog for 1005 days straight?

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Gary said...

Sonnet 130 and a half, not. Just a Valentine for my beloved wife.

I think of you in the morning, when the sun is rising
You stretch; you yawn, and wipe sleep from your eyes

I think of you in the afternoon, the brightest part of the day
You hum while you work, you make time pass away

I think of you in the evening, peaceful and serene
Your silhouette in the sunset more real than a dream

I think of you in the night time, provocative and exciting
The scent of you, the taste of you, the touch of you inviting

I think of you, always