Thursday, February 24, 2011

Agent Quest

Fio admits it--she's a screw-up. At this rate, she'll never attract a literary agent, even with twenty-one contest finals, six of which were wins, on her record.

She decided at the beginning of the year to gut up and start contacting agents, finally putting together a letter and e-mailing it off to Friend Katie's agent, Jenny Bent, about three weeks ago. Then, brimming over with adrenaline, she decided to ask Friend Emily about the niceties of also contacting her agent, Jessica Faust.

Friend Emily's family was sick, and she didn't get back to Fio for a while. In fact, the Lenovo bonged with Emily's return e-mail ONE SECOND after Fio, anxious for action, had committed her query to the ether as it was. Which, after hearing from Emily, Fio realized, is not how it should have been.

So Fio, in a frenzy to bolster her sagging confidence, added ten pages of manuscript to her newly-revised query and sent everything off to agent Paige Wheeler within the hour. The only thing she forgot to fix was the salutation. It still read "Dear Ms. Faust."

Fio can't win for losing.

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