Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In

Fiorella woke up late this morning, almost 8:30, opened her eyes and looked out the window wall of the bedroom. There was white stuff on the tree branches and the balcony railing--manna, a fungus? NO! IT WAS SNOW!

Fio's heart leaped up.

The weather forecasters had predicted snow for yesterday, but when it didn't fall, Fio lost faith. Maybe fifteen flakes during the night, she thought. And the snow did fall during the night, but there was about an inch and a half of white over everything this morning, and it was gorgeous.

As Fio watched, the sun started coming up, sparkling the snow, but also melting it. Fio rushed upstairs and pried Husband out of bed to come take pictures. The snow won't last past midday, but the pictures will last forever.

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