Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rolling On

One of the joys of watching the country dwarfs, the Roloffs, is seeing their kids grow and mature--Jeremy and Zachary, for instance. The twins are unlike in appearance, with Zachary being an achondroplasia dwarf and Jeremy not. When Fio first started tuning into the show, Jer was difficult around the house, doing poorly in school, and looking for a girlfriend. Zach, meanwhile, was supportive of his parents, did well in school, and not too interested in girls.

The years march on. Jer now acts maturely in family situations but Zachary doesn't. Both boys have graduated from high school, Jer settling down and doing quite well, but Zach barely making it through his senior year. Jer, who's had two serious girlfriends on the show, seems to be a bachelor now, while Zach has hooked up with an "average-size" girl.

The Roloffs are a microcosm of the world. Jeremy and Zachary may be twins, but obviously Jeremy hit adolescence earlier than Zach. He's out of it now, and in another year, Zach will be too (Zach--Those zits you keep picking at will be gone too.)

Welcome to adulthood.

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