Monday, February 8, 2010

Brad's Chin

Fio is a fan of Luann, the comic strip. The art fascinates her. The characters are well-drawn, their bodies at least. The heads tend to be comic-strippy stereotyped, although they do change. The evolution of Brad, Luann's older brother, has been especially interesting. From a pudgy, snub-nosed kid, he has matured into a well-built, nice-looking young man. His head first lost the odd dent in the back. Then his hair settled down a little, and his jowls receded. He developed a neck and his eyebrows thinned. Last week he had a definite ninety-degree angle to his chin. And I think his nose was a little less tilted.

Yes, our Brad is becoming a stud, a fitting mate for the lovely Toni Daytona.

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