Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fio has to get right back on that horse, but she doesn't want to. After all, once burned, twice shy.

Yes, Fio does not want to return to the HEB where she was robbed last Friday--someone stole her purse and extracted all the folding money therein. She did get the purse back with all IDs and credit cards intact, but she still feels violated, like when someone swipes something off your front porch.

Fio was upset all weekend, which is probably why she screwed up by e-mailing the ARWA loop when she meant to respond to an individual member, and why she really screwed up in submitting unedited entries to two writing contests. In fact, she messed up so badly that she put off opening up her trusty Dell this morning.

Since you're reading her right now, you know that she did gut up and take the plunge. But it's gonna be a while before she goes back to HEB on Williams.

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