Monday, December 15, 2008

Hard Times

First my computer went down and was out of commission for two weeks. Then our water was turned off for a day. Then the printer cartridge died on me and it took almost two weeks to get it replaced. Now the brand new, very expensive TV that Husband and I are giving each other for Christmas won't work!

Husband bought it from Best Buy last week, it was delivered on Tuesday, and the Geek Squad arrived yesterday at 5:00 p.m. to install it, a four-hour job. But by 9:00, it still wasn't working.

Today, with a good night's sleep behind us, we called in all our resources. Older Son advised us from Minnesota and Older Nephew drove up from Austin on a rescue mission. Husband and Nephew are out buying cables now.

I know eventually the TV will work, just as eventually my computer was repaired and the water was restored and the printer cartridge was replaced. But I get tired of the meantime. In modern life, nothing mechanical or electronic should ever go wrong.

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