Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hangar Sale

My father was not a union man. In fact, he sat on the other side of the table in collective bargaining. But he respected unions, realizing that they were vital for the protections of the workforce. Check into the abuses of early manufacturers--there were good reasons that workers joined together to protest their pay and working conditions.

So I'm not blaming the UAW for Detroit's current mess. Given the volatility of the employment situation in the auto industry, with lay-offs coming every time one turns around, I don't resent high wages for assembly line workers. After all, one has to be able to store nuts away for the winter.

What I do resent is the high salaries of management, plus the multi-million-dollar perks and bonuses. Why should management's poor decision-making land on the backs of workers?

Sell the fleets of private jets.

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